How I Built This


You are here because you are wondering what technology/theme/process/builder I used to create this website. I’ll assume it is because you like the website’s look and feel, so thank you.

People typically come to this page for one of three reasons:

  1. You like the look and want it for your site.
  2. You are just curious what technology I used for it.
  3. You saw the link in my footer and were just curious about the page.

People also fall into three categories when researching other peoples websites:

  1. I have no technical skills and have no desire to learn any
  2. I have no technical skills and a willingness to learn
  3. I have technical skills of some level

Now that you have identified what brought you to this website and your technical skills/desire to gain them, the following sections can help you more.

How To Build Your Own Personal Site (Based on Technical Skills)

No Technical Skills and No Desire To Learn Any

If you have no technical knowledge and no desire to learn any technical skills and want to set up your own website, sign up for Squarespace unless you will sell things online, then use Shopify. DO NOT USE WIX.

If you want to hire me to build your personal website, I may or may not like the business right now but contact me via the options on the contact me page.

No Technical Skills and Desire To Learn

Great. If you want to learn correctly, there are tons of classes online that will help you get started. If you’re going to copy this website and deploy it, just keep scrolling. This way, you can feel like a hacker by opening the terminal and pasting in commands. If you get stuck, you can dm me on Twitter or use this form and let me know.

Some to lots of Technical Skills

You will have several options for building your site, but my advice no matter what tool/library you choose, go with a static site generator because chances are you don’t need anything more complicated than this. That means saying NO to:

  • WordPress
  • Webflow
  • Squarespace And a host of other options that I haven’t listed

I chose to use the following:

Why These Options?

Because I wanted to learn them, and I just didn’t want to get stuck in with Gatsbyjs or Jeykll. I will probably look at adding Netlify CMS or as I plan to migrate some WordPress blogs to static site generators in the future and want to test a real Static Site Generator CMS out.

Steps to build this website or one similar to it


  • Github Account
  • Netlify Account
  • Link your Netlify Account with Github
  • Own a Domain Name


Coming Soon

Thanks for reading!